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The Tottenham Santa Claus Parade 2016: The Little Engine That Could

"I Think I Can, I Know I Can!" Meeting your literacy, employment and life goals can be challenging for anyone.  When you are working or on the job hunt, while trying to improve your skills, you need to be like the Little Engine That Could -- Don't forget to keep telling yourself, "I Think I Can! I Know I Can!"  A growth mindset and determination is what makes our diverse students and tutors so special.  They represent everything makes New Tecumseth such a fantastic community to live, work, raise our families and come [...]

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The Growth Mindset: I Think I Can

At Next Step, we believe in the growth mindset.  While many of our students struggle with this belief, we get to see them learn, challenge themselves and grow everyday!  If you believe that you can’t change or are “too dumb” to learn something new, we want to challenge that belief. The Little Engine That Could- "I Think I Can" The Oxford English Dictionary defines “mindset” as “the established set of attitudes held by someone.”  A student’s mindset about their intelligence then will reflect how that student feels about their ability to learn particular subjects, and learning in general. [...]

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