Annual General Meeting Documents

September 15, 2015 – Agenda

  1. Welcome and Introductions – Kimberley Burgess
  2. Approval of Agenda – Kimberley Burgess
  3. Approval of Minutes of AGM – September 18th, 2014
  4. President’s Annual Report – Kimberley Burgess
  5. Administrator’s Annual Report – Shira Harrison McIntyre
  6. Training & Development Manager’s – Laurie Laing
  7. Treasurer’s Annual Report – June Robertson
  8. Financial Statements – June Robertson
  9. Slate of Officers and Board Members – Kimberley Burgess
  10. Student & Volunteer Recognition – Laurie Laing
  11. Adjournment


Next Step Literacy Annual General Meeting
Thursday, September 18, 2014 & 6:00 p.m.
Held at Beeton Library

Chairperson: Kimberley Burgess

Jan Atkinson (Director), Constance Boldt (Director), Dick Broer, Linie Broer, Liz Brown, Colleen Butler (Vice-President), Kelly Lorraine Coish, Peter McKenna, Robin Reid, Lory Whittemore, Kayla Snyder, June Robertson (Treasurer), Shira Harrison McIntyre, Claire Hutchison, Laurie Jenkins, Laurie Laing, Barb Nap, Viola Stephens, Marianne Von Cube.

John & Francine Rosenthal, John Morris, Richard Yates, Maureen Royle, Janine Harris Wheatley

Kim extended a big welcome to all guests and made introductions of the Board of Directors to the group.

A motion was made to approve the agenda as written. Motion made by Liz and seconded by Kelly.

AGM Meeting Minutes 2013:
The AGM meeting minutes from last year were presented. A motion to approve these minutes as written was made by Laurie and seconded by Barb.

Kim presented her President’s report. She explained our fiscal year ends03/31/14 and that we work with our accountant at the end of the year. Kim quickly moved through her report (copy provided for all in attendance and a copy on file). A motion to accept the president’s report was made by Colleen and seconded by Jan.

Shira presented the Administrator’s report. A motion was made to accept her report as written by Kelly and seconded by Mary Lou.

Laurie presented her Training and Development Manager’s report. A motion was made to accept Laurie’s report as written by Colleen and seconded by Constance.

June presented her Treasurer’s report. June explained that some Spelling Bee money and expenses for the upcoming fiscal year were included in this statement. A motion was made by Jan to accept the report as written and seconded by Laurie Laing.

A motion was made to accept the audited financial statements as prepared by BDO Dunwoody by Constance and seconded by Barb.

Currently our by-laws allow no more than 10 directors on the board. A motion to amend the by-laws to increase the number of director’s to 11 was made by Laurie and seconded by Kelly.

Board Slate:
Kim spoke to the group assembled regarding the Board slate 2014-15. She made mention that anyone interested in becoming a board member is welcome to do so. She opened the floor for volunteers from the floor or nominations from the floor. The commitment is one meeting a month (3rd Thursday of the month). Two volunteers were accepted: Robin Reid and Peter McKenna. Kim mentioned the retiring board member Colleen Butler. She thanked her for her time and help. A motion to accept Peter McKenna and Robin Reid as our newest board members was made by Colleen and seconded by Liz.

Laurie Laing recognized Bill, a student. Some heartfelt words were spoken about Bill by Laurie and Bill spoke about his experience and the change it has made to his life. We are so proud of him.

Liz moved to adjourn the meeting at 6:35 p.m.