The Growth Mindset: I Think I Can

>>The Growth Mindset: I Think I Can

The Growth Mindset: I Think I Can

At Next Step, we believe in the growth mindset.  While many of our students struggle with this belief, we get to see them learn, challenge themselves and grow everyday!  If you believe that you can’t change or are “too dumb” to learn something new, we want to challenge that belief.

The Little Engine That Could- “I Think I Can”

The Oxford English Dictionary defines “mindset” as “the established set of attitudes held by someone.”  A student’s mindset about their intelligence then will reflect how that student feels about their ability to learn particular subjects, and learning in general.  As such, a student can have a “fixed mindset” or a “growth mindset.” This means that the student either believes that intelligence is something that you have or don’t have that won’t change over time (fixed), or that intelligence can be developed and improved (growth).  Students with a growth mindset tend to perform better over time.      

Your mindset isn’t just a product of who you are; your mindset also produces who you are.  This means that if you can change your mindset, then you can change your life.  Our amazing tutors have the skills, expertise and compassion to help you succeed.  Together, you too will believe in your ability to grow and learn new things.  If it’s time to change your mindset and your life, then it’s time to take the Next Step to a better life.  

Call Next Step today at (705) 435-5624 and schedule an assessment today.  One of our friendly staff will help determine what level you’re at, what you need to achieve your goals and which of our tutors can best help you get there.

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